Does Your Cat Have a Fascination With Water?

It is often said that cat’s don’t like water but I have found quite the opposite to be true.  As an “cat companion” to many furry feline friends, I know many kitties that not only like water but are quite obsessed with it. Dumping water bowls, trying to chase water down the drain, running to sit in a wet bathtub after someone has taken a shower, are only a few examples of my cat’s fascination with water.


Is your water-loving kitty a frequent visitor to the water bowl? Maybe you have noticed that they are not there to drink but to dip in their paws and nose. Quite often I hear the clunking of the water bowl and find my kitty Violet leaning on the edge in an attempt to get her nose as close to the water as possible. She is also fond of the bathtub, especially when it is nice and wet from a recent shower!

A favorite of many water-obsessed cats is the kitty water fountain. Some will just sit and watch, mesmerized by the bubbling action while others will dip in their paws or try to catch the running water. The benefit of a water fountain is that it attracts the cat, engages them in play, and entices them to drink. A slow dripping water faucet will have the same effect. Whether it be a kitty fountain, dripping faucet, or traditional bowl always have fresh water for your cat, especially if they are on an all dry food diet.


Some cats just love water, possibly due to their wild ancestors or their breed.  Bengal cats love water, due to their close relative, the Asian leopard cat. The Turkish Van loves water so much the breed is often referred to as “the swimming cat”.

With their free-thinking, independent nature, cats want to be in charge and make their own decisions. Bath time? You will probably have a difficult time coaxing any kitty into a bath, even one who enjoys water. Although they may be attracted by free-flowing water from a faucet, try to put them in a tub of water and you are in for a fight. Pull the plug and leave the tub unattended you may soon see that same kitty sneak by and jump behind the curtain to play with the water droplets or watch a trickle of water go down the hole of the drain.

Cats equally dislike being sprayed with water but this may stem from the element of surprise rather than the water itself. Most dislike it so much that the water spray can be used as a method of training. If there is an area where you don’t want your kitty to be, a counter or table for example, a gentle squirt of water is enough to send them running and discourages future visits to the area.

Wet or dry, cats like to be in control of their environment. They will love the water if it is on their own terms.

What are some ways your cats shows you they love water?


6 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Have a Fascination With Water?

  1. My kitten loves water. The picture of the cat in the bathroom sink reminds me so much of her, except she is still tiny enough to fit her whole body in the sink. She is 5 months old now. 🙂

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  3. My kitty loves the sound of water dropping in the shower tub. Especially after a shower. The water drops is what she is after. I have seen her become mesmerized by theme. She will drink, lick, swat, and bite at the water drops. She cleans her paws while she is in the shower tub, so I like that. 😸💧💧💧💧

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