Simple Grooming to Keep Your Cat Looking and Feeling Great

Cats do a good job of taking care of their daily needs. Each morning, after a good breakfast, my large tabby Tiger will sit and groom himself thoroughly – wash his face, clean his paws and claws. It’s a daily routine that he takes very seriously. Cats are meticulous with their daily hygiene so is it necessary that we do any more?

Violet on Couch

There are ways we can and should help. To keep kitty looking and feeling great:

Brush and Comb Their Fur

All the grooming that cats do can be hard on their stomachs.   When they lick themselves they ingest loose hair which can cause stomach upset. When this undigestible hair irritates their stomach the result will be a coughed up a hairball.

Brushing your kitty regularly will help reduce the amount of hair your cat swallows, and the resulting hairballs, For short haired cats, use a short bristled brush or detangeling comb. Longer haired cats may require a pin brush for dematting and detangeling.

Brush Their Teeth

Good oral hygiene is essential to the overall health of your cat. If started at a young age your cat may tolerate, or even enjoy, having their teeth brushed. Use a special Kitty tooth bush and a natural, enzyme based tooth paste formulated especially for cats. Never use human toothpaste on your cat as they may contain ingredients that are toxic to them.

Clip Their Nails

Cats will instinctively scratch to remove the dead skin layer, or sheath, from their nails. The longer their nails, the more they will feel the need to scratch and the results will be more destructive with long, sharp nails. Trim nails once a week to keep them at a consistent length. Begin weekly manicures a young age and your kitty will be likely to be more tolerant but, over time, even older cats will learn to accept this weekly ritual.

Kitty will take care of the daily cleaning but these once a week grooming details will make an big impact on the health and well being of your cat.


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