Curious Kittens – 5 Everyday Items That Can Be Dangerous

Kittens are tiny, playful, and extremely curious.  Everyday is a new adventure as they grow, learn, and explore their environment. To small kittens and young cats, everything is a toy and nothing is off limits.  This boundless energy and endless curiosity means seemingly harmless, every day items can become a danger.

Peeking Violet

Plastic Supermarket Bags

Leave a bag on the floor and a curious kitten is sure to come running. Immediately, They will pounce and try to crawl inside and once they hear the crinkle and feel the crunch of the plastic they become even more intrigued. But beware…as your kitten is playing they can easily become entangled in the handles of the bag. This can either cause them to become wrapped inside the plastic or have the handles tie around their neck causing serious injury, or death, especially if alone and unsupervised.

Cat Tamer Toysviolet-cat tamer

Kittens love cat tamer toys. As you hold the handle, they will have a lot of fun jumping at whatever is at the end of the the long string. However, once you have finished playing with kitty, it is best to put the toy out of kitty’s view and far out of reach. If not, curious kittens will play with and easily become entangled in the string. The string could become tightly wrapped around their legs and cause damage to their paws or, be fatally injured if the string wraps around their neck.

Window Cords

Hanging cords from window blinds are very attractive to kittens. They find the movement attractive will attract them and they will stretch up to grab them, making it possible to become entangled in the blinds themselves.  If the blinds are open and the cords are long, kitty can become easily entangled.

Open Doors and Drawers

Tiny kittens can easily slip unnoticed into small areas and become trapped. Open a door or a drawer and it is possible that kitty will try to slip inside. With a tiny kitten around, never leave any of these areas open and if they are, don’t close them without making sure kitty is not inside. This includes, but not limited to, drawers, closets, clothes dryers, bottom freezers, dishwashers, and kitchen cabinets,

violet in the drawer

Curling Ribbon

Curling ribbon is very inviting to cats of all ages but it can be very dangerous.  Not only does it pose a threat of entanglement, cats and kittens also like to chew on this ribbon. Eating it can be a choking hazard or digestive issue as it can cause a blockage.

Kitten under 6 months of age should not be left unsupervised for long periods of time. Even older cats can easily get into trouble because of their curiosity. Be sure to kitten proof your home and if going away for an extended period of time have a pet sitter check in at least once a day to be sure kitty is happy and safe.


4 thoughts on “Curious Kittens – 5 Everyday Items That Can Be Dangerous

  1. The curling wrapping ribbon is deadly — my cat was 2 years old when I discovered that for some insane reason she decided to chew and attempt to digest portions of ribbon. I had to have her euthanized due to the amount of damage this ribbon did to her intestines — which takes absolutely no time at all to create havoc and if you are lucky and catch it in time they can do emergency surgery which is costly and may or may not involve removal of portions of the digestive tract. In my case, I didn’t catch it in time and the damage was too tremendous and this weekend she was humanely euthanized while I held her. She had never, ever been a chewer of anything so I never even fantasized that this would ever happen to my lovely kitty. I will never, ever have this ribbon in my house and strongly suggest that if you are a pet owner that you also don’t take the chance.

    Thank you,


  2. My condolences to you, Cheryl, on the loss of your kitty. Cats are so fascinated by curling ribbon and it is so deadly for them. I always try to spread the word of the importance of keeping it away from all cats.

  3. I was just shocked at how common it was for dogs and cats to ingest it — the animal hospital said that it was by far the worst thing that any animal could digest and that they usually get a dozen cases a year. Thank you for having this page.

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