The Signs of a Happy Kitty

Cats enjoy the simple pleasures in life. A sunny window, a cozy spot to sleep, strings to play with, things to chase.  Although cats seem to always be content, how do you know if your kitty is happy?

Does your kitty enjoy belly rubs? If your cat will stretch out on their back, feet up it is a sign that they feel safe in their environment.  This position leave cats very vulnerable to their predators, something their feline ancestors would have had to worry about. Although the same threats don’t exist for the modern day house cat, their inbred instincts continue to prevent this dangerous behavior and you will only find them in this position when they truly feel safe. A belly rub is something their wild ancestors would have never allowed.

Morris-Belly Rub

A happy cat will be social.  Does your kitty come out and greet visitors and guests to their house? Many believe that cats are unsocial and are expected to shy away from people.  Given lots of love and attention, your kitty will be happy to greet visitors and will crave the company of others.

Watch the tail. Non-verbal communication for a cat happens through their tail. A happy cat’s tail will be relaxed and held proud. If you see you kitty with the tail down, between their legs, they are telling you they are frightened.  A wagging or extra fat tail? Watch out, your kitty is angry and it is best to stay away until they calm down.

When your happy kitty is ready for a nap, they will curl up, their tail wrapped gently around the body, in their favorite spot or possibly on your lap.  One of life’s simple pleasures.


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